Mann steht sprungbereit und leicht gebeugt vor dem ARTZT Vintage Series Sprungkasten.

Plyo Box Workout

Tradition meets modern plyometric training: TV coach and personal trainer Arne Derricks shows 7 effective exercises for more strength and speed with the ARTZT Vintage Series vaulting box. But what is plyometric training anyway?

Plyometrics is a form of explosive strength training in which the muscles' mechanism of stretching and contracting is trained, similar to a spring being compressed and then released again. The energy expended is stored in the muscle and released again explosively at the end of the movement. This improves strength and jumping activity alike. The ARTZT Vintage Series vaulting box proves to be an unbeatable fitness tool!

Try out all exercises a few times to get to know the sequence of movements before you really get started. As always, safety comes first!

Exercise 1: Classic jumps

You crouch slightly in front of the box, feet hip-width apart, arms are taken to the side in the jump. From this position, jump onto the box with both feet and then back down to the ground. Important: pull your toes towards your shins so you don't get caught on the box. So much for the movement. Now comes the plyometrics: try to shorten the contact of your feet with the ground, i.e. when you have landed on the ground, jump off again as quickly as possible. It's perfect if you just land on the balls of your feet and jump off again. Always make sure that your upper body is in a stable position! Do you already notice how your heart is pumping and your legs are getting warm? You should jump for 30 seconds.

Exercise 2: Alternating jumps

Let's move on to the next exercise on the ARTZT Vintage Series vaulting box, the alternating jumps, which are also often used in circuit training. The jumps are about tapping the tips of your toes alternately on the vaulting box. First, you place one toe on the box - ideally, hips and upper body as well as thighs and lower legs each form a 90-degree angle. The leg that is on the ground jumps off with the heel lifted, while the leg that is up jumps towards the ground. your arms swing with the movement. The alternating jumps on the ARTZT Vintage Series vaulting box are less about the number of repetitions and more about the time. You should hold out for 30 seconds and then notice how your heart is working.

Exercise 3: One-leg jumps

This exercise is in fact more suitable for advanced users. With the one-legged jumps you also crouch slightly, but only jump with one leg onto the ARTZT Vintage Series vaulting box, the other leg you lead behind you at a loose angle. Always do two to three jumps with one leg and then switch sides. With the one-legged jump jumps, it is advisable to train the sequence of movements at a lower height before you dare to approach the full height of the ARTZT Vintage Series vaulting box.

Exercise 4: Burpee + Jump

Let's continue with the burpee in combination with the jump. To do this, you first jump onto the ARTZT Vintage Series vaulting box, as in exercise 1, then back down. Now you put your hands on the front edge of the vaulting box and jump with your legs backwards into the support - level 1. In level 2 you go from the support directly into the press, the push-up. Then jump your legs back to the starting position. The sequence in brief: Jump on the box, down again, push on the box, legs jump backwards, press up, legs jump forward, from the starting position in front of the box then back into the jump, etc. This sequence of movements is repeated 10 times executed dynamically.

Exercise 5: Plyometric push-ups

Now do the plyometric push-ups. you go into the starting position for the support, hands rest on the edge of the ARTZT Vintage Series vaulting box. Build up a slight basic tension in the support and then "shingle" yourself up with springy, short movements until your hands lift from the box. If you want it a little lighter, you can put one leg in front and give your arms a little support. Repeat for 30 seconds.

Exercise 6: Hop Over

Now comes a classic: the hop over as it used to be done with gymnastics benches or vaulting boxes. Make sure that the ARTZT Vintage Series vaulting box stands securely and grab it on the right and left approximately in the middle of the long sides. Now you jump dynamically from right to left over the box and squat your legs. The legs are free at the back. Jump continuously for 30 seconds, making sure your feet only touch the ground briefly.

Exercise 7: Side to Side

Our final exercise is the side to side over the ARTZT Vintage Series Vault Box. Place one foot in the middle of the vaulting box, the other foot is parallel to the long side on the floor. You hold your hands in front of your upper body with bent arms to stabilize you. Now you push yourself off with the leg standing on the vaulting box and jump with your foot off the floor onto the box as well. The moment that foot hits the box, the other jumps off and lands on the opposite long side on the floor. The faster you do this exercise, the harder it gets! Again, you should hold out for 30 seconds.

With the ARTZT Vintage Series vaulting box, you can quickly achieve intensive, dynamic training in plyometrics that will noticeably increase your jumping power. Have fun!

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