Mann steht im Ausfallschritt und in Abwehrhaltung mit erhobenen Händen vor dem ARTZT Vintage Series Boxsack.

Boxing - How to Train Properly

Leather meets leather - under this motto, personal trainer and fitness coach Arne Derricks not only presents the right punching bag and the right boxing gloves, but also shows that boxing can be a holistic fitness training. Endurance, strength and coordination can be trained effectively.

First up is the hitting technique

Your standing leg is on the right and you execute the first punch with your right arm, the front arm. Important: The arm is never completely stretched out and the punch does not come from the length, but is a short, powerful "punch" against the punching bag. The punching bag should not vibrate, but hardly moves. Then comes the cross arm, i.e. the second hit with the left, just as short and crisp.

Then the side is changed: Your left leg becomes the supporting leg and you hit the left first. Important: Tune in to the punching bag and get to know its reactions so that you can place your punches in a targeted manner. After two short hits there is a short break.

use break

In order to make the training more intensive and varied, you now use the short break between the punches for squats, i.e. punch right, punch left, deep squat. Don't forget the "cover" there! A small circular movement in the squat is also possible to make the whole thing even more dynamic. This also trains the core.

More demanding with change of sides

Now a change of sides is integrated into the squat to make the training with the punching bag even more authentic. After or in the squat you build in an alternating jump in which you change the supporting leg before you perform the double punch.

You do the whole thing for 30 seconds at a tough pace in order to achieve optimal training success. The cardiovascular system is also properly stimulated. Then take a deep breath and take a short break!

New combinations for more variety

Once you have internalized the hitting technique, you can vary the hits as you like, for example by hitting the front arm up and the cross arm further down. Or a double hit at the top and then the combo top-bottom.

There are no limits to your imagination, it is only important that you regularly remember to change sides so that your body is trained evenly.

Classic interval training on the punching bag

Yes, that is also possible! For example, you can combine the short strokes with other exercises. Here is an example: Four short, quick punches from parallel standing, then leaning on your hands (boxing gloves), into the jump, from there back and standing again for the next punches.

The next challenging step is to incorporate a push-up between the jump into the stretch and jumping forward again. By the way: The cowhide boxing gloves ensure optimal suspension of the hands in the supporting movements in these exercises.

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