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  • Icon Leather | ARTZT Vintage Series


    When tanning our leather, we pay particular attention to suppleness and resilience.

  • Icon Handmade | ARTZT Vintage Series


    Each product has been lovingly finished by hand. This makes it unique and as unique as you.

  • Icon Training | ARTZT Vintage Series


    Of course you can also train with any tool. After all, that's what they were made for.

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ARTZT Vintage Series - Fitness equipment in vintage style

Bring back the flair of days gone by with the ARTZT Vintage Series, when medicine balls, skipping ropes, jump boxes and the like were used in the gym to combat excess weight. Training with this simple training equipment is versatile and effective and is now more popular than ever.

Whether muscle building, jump training, strength training, coordination or stability workouts. The ARTZT Vintage Series combines functionality with unrivalled style.

  • Portrait von Personal Trainer Marcus Stenzel | ARTZT Vintage Series
    "The ARTZT Vintage Series creates a symbiosis of decorative element and fitness tool. The natural colouring and the classic design act as eye-catchers, the feel of the leather impresses during training."

    Marcus Stenzel, Co-Founder & Personal Trainer, Room2Concept - Interior Design | Fitness, Hamburg
  • "Designing training and therapy facilities with Artzt Vintage products is a great pleasure every time, because they work just as well as eye-catchers as they do as robust and functional training tools."

    Stephan Arndt, Dipl.-Ing. Arch. | 3D Generalist | Personal Trainer | Room planner for fitness, therapy and wellness
  • "In love with the style - convinced by the quality. We work very functionally. The ARTZT Vintage Series medicine balls are in constant use. The feel is simply great."

    Daniela Schindler, Managing Director Caldea Therapy & Training, Dortmund
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