When choosing materials, we place particular emphasis on quality. The leather from German tanneries is extensively tested before processing to ensure the expected quality. Of course, this also applies to the other materials used, such as wood and iron.


We only entrust the ARTZT Vintage Series to the best. Our staff is intensively trained in every single step of the finishing process.


ARTZT Vintage Series products not only receive their finish here in the Westerwald, but are actually manufactured in Germany for the most part. For the unique vintage look, all products are finished by hand.


The strict quality control is often carried out by the boss himself. Only what stands up to his critical eye makes it into the vintage range.


Finally, each vintage product gets the distinctive logo burned on by hand. The stamps come from a local foundry.


Our packaging is made of recycled cardboard. For the shipment of the parcels, cardboard boxes from other suppliers are reused in our logistics.

About ARTZT Vintage

Bring back the flair of days gone by with the ARTZT Vintage Series, when medicine balls, skipping ropes, jumping boxes and co. fought off excess pounds in the gym. Training with these simple pieces of equipment is versatile and effective and nowadays more in demand than ever. Whether muscle building, jump training, strength training, coordination or stability workout. The ARTZT Vintage Series combines functionality with incomparable style.

The ARTZT Vintage Series is not just fitness equipment. Function and design are on the same level and create products that you don't have to hide in the cupboard or drawer after your workout. They simply look too good for that!

If you choose the ARTZT Vintage Series, you will recognise the uniqueness. Professional athletes, therapists, studio owners and amateur athletes will find unique training equipment with charm and style that brings the esprit of classic gym equipment into a new era.

Hand-finished unique items made in Germany

The robust training equipment of the ARTZT Vintage Series impresses not only with its special look but also with its remarkably pleasant feel. Genuine cowhide is the core material of choice, tanned in an environmentally friendly way without aluminium. To achieve the unique vintage style, we have developed a process in which we apply a high-quality, chemical-free leather dye, which is sanded again after drying.

The whole thing is rounded off with the original vintage logo, which is burned in by hand on every product. This makes every product a real one-of-a-kind with scuffed spots and stains. All hand-finished with love.

What's the ARTZT in Vintage Series?

Felix Artzt is the creator and founder of the ARTZT Vintage Series. As managing director of Ludwig Artzt GmbH, named after his father, he has already had many years of experience in the fitness business and knows what drives the passionate athlete.

In 2017, the idea came to return sport and fitness to their functional origins. Away from over-engineered fitness equipment, towards simple fitness equipment with style, which the legendary gymnastics father Jahn also used during his training sessions: medicine ball, gym mat, skipping rope - made of genuine cowhide, of course. The ARTZT Vintage Series was born.

Firmengründer Felix Artzt prüft eine Bahn Rindsleder für die Verarbeitung zur ARTZT Vintage Series


Founder and CEO Felix Artzt talks exclusively about the ARTZT Vintage Series.


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