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Punching Bag Chain

Punching Bag Chain

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Punching bag chain in vintage look

Putting the ARTZT Vintage Series punching bag on the chain correctly? Sure, but authentic please! With this matching chain you underline the inimitable vintage style of the punching bag. The chain has been subjected to a natural oxidation process and then clear varnished to keep the used look permanent.

The vintage chain is made entirely of solid steel. A heavy fire carabiner holds even the heaviest punching bags securely on the ceiling. The 360° rotary clutch ensures the right spin, so that the punching bag keeps its composure even with the hardest hits. Four massive chains, each with another fire carabiner, combine with the ARTZT Vintage Series punching bag to form a unit that fearlessly faces any boxing workout.

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      Material: steel
      10 cm fire carbine
      11 cm rotary coupling
      9 x 4.5 cm chain links per chain arm
      7 cm fire carabiner per chain arm
      60 cm total length


      How to care for the cowhide

      The leather can be wiped clean with a damp cloth if necessary. If the leather becomes brittle over time, it can be treated with high-quality vegetable oil if necessary to make it supple again.

      That's how you take care of everything else

      If necessary, gymnastics mat material, wood and metal can be cleaned with a damp cloth and then wiped off with a dry cloth.

      ARTZT Vintage Series Boxsack und Boxhandschuhe hängen in der Mitte eines Raums, im Hintergrund sind Medizinbälle auf dem Ständer sowie das Vintage Pferd zu sehen..


      Every single vintage product is completely handcrafted here in the beautiful Westerwald.




      Boxing isn't just for the Klitschkos and Rockys of this world. You can also efficiently train endurance and strength with moderate boxing training. Watch the video and learn how.


      Your vintage product doesn't look like the product picture? That's how it should be. Since every tool in the ARTZT Vintage Series is refined by hand, there are always small differences. Each product becomes unique and as unique as you.


      Here you can find out how to properly clean and care for your favorite vintage tool.

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      punching bag

      How is the punching bag hung?

      The heavy sandbag should be hung from a solid ceiling such as concrete, wood beams, or steel.

      There should be enough space around the bag so that it has room to swing while exercising without damaging other objects.

      But how high should the ceiling be at least? If you are standing straight in front of the punching bag, its lower edge should be about level with your thighs. Depending on your height, the punching bag should be 60 - 80 cm from the floor. Since the punching bag including the supplied chain has a length of 175 cm, the ceiling height should be around 2.30 - 2.50 m.

      The punching bag can then be hooked in using the included carabiner. You should definitely get another person to help you with this.

      How do I mount the multi hook on the ceiling?

      We recommend mounting in:

      • Concrete (concrete compressive strength class: C12/15)
      • Kalsand block
      • aerated concrete
      • solid brick

      Attachment to wood is only possible with a special screw attachment. This is not included in the scope of delivery and must be purchased separately. The multi-hook as well as the dowels and screws can be loaded up to 300 kg. The maximum load can vary depending on the nature of the subsurface. If in doubt, please contact a professional.

      Assembly Instructions:

      • Hold the ARTZT vitality multi-hook in the desired position and mark the four drilling positions through the holes.
      • Drill the holes for the dowels in the wall at the marked locations.
      • Push all four dowels through the holes in the multi-hook into the drilled holes.
      • Turn the four screws with an open-end wrench (wrench size 13) into the positioned dowels.

      Note: The type of attachment depends on the wall material. Please use screws and dowels according to the condition of the wall. If in doubt, please ask your hardware store about suitable fastening material or contact a trained specialist.

      boxing gloves

      What does 12 oz weight mean for boxing gloves?

      The weight of boxing gloves is given in ounces (short: oz.). 12 ounces is a commonly used weight for punching gloves and is therefore suitable for training on the punching bag. 12 ounces correspond to approx. 340 g.

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