Collection: Vintage fitness equipment

In the ARTZT Vintage Series you will find a selection of fitness equipment that exudes the charm of bygone times and at the same time meets the highest standards of quality and functionality. Whether you are a style-conscious athlete or just looking for special fitness equipment to brighten up your home, you will find it here.

The ARTZT Vintage series offers a unique combination of retro design and modern functionality. Our products are not only eye-catchers, but also of high quality and will last you a lifetime.

Vintage leather products with character

The products of the ARTZT Vintage Series are not only real pieces of jewelry, but also effective fitness equipment. One of the absolute top sellers is the vintage medicine ball made of genuine cowhide. Its weight and size train different muscle groups and improve coordination. The leather is durable and fits well in the hand, minimizing the risk of injury.

For all boxers out there, the punching bag is the right training partner. Its surface is also made of high-quality cowhide and offers the perfect surface for intensive hitting practice. With the right boxing gloves, your training will become a full-fledged training experience.

Complete your vintage workouts with the perfect symbiosis of leather and wood. The skipping rope is made of leather and offers the perfect balance between weight and speed. It is ideal for endurance training and improves coordination and mobility. The vaulting box is made of wood and provides a stable base for plyometric exercises. The diving box PLUS with storage space inside offers space for additional fitness equipment or other items. Use it as you wish. Both vaulting boxes are completely manufactured in Germany.

Made for training

Every ARTZT vintage product not only looks good, but also helps you with exercises for your back, neck, stomach, legs, chest or endurance. Personal trainer Arne Derricks shows you how you can train with your vintage products in numerous workouts .