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ARTZT Vintage Series

Skipping Rope

Skipping Rope

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Lose weight healthily with the skipping rope

Fancy an intensive workout that demands everything from you after just a few minutes? Then jumping rope with the ARTZT Vintage Series skipping rope is just right for you! Rope skipping burns calories quickly, keeps you fit and only takes a few minutes - and the ARTZT Vintage Series skipping rope makes you look really good at the same time!

The ARTZT Vintage Series skipping rope is adjustable in length between 100 and 300 cm. Simply loosen the metal cuff with the Allen key provided, adjust the rope, tighten the cuff again - done. The protruding piece of rope can either be cut off or fixed with the enclosed leather loop. The real leather rope in the wooden handles has ball bearings so that everything runs smoothly during training.

Why jump rope?

Jumping rope is not only great endurance training, but also trains your jumping ability. You can also lose weight quickly with rope skipping: On average, you can burn around 150 calories with 10 minutes of rope skipping. That's 500 calories in just 30 minutes! For comparison: jogging for half an hour burns around 350 calories. You see: With a jump rope you can get rid of belly fat comparatively quickly!

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Zedrach wood handles with aluminum ball bearings
Adjustable length
Rope length: 300 cm
Rope diameter: approx. 0.8 cm
Handle dimensions: 16.5 x 3 cm
Including Allen key


How to care for the cowhide

The leather can be wiped clean with a damp cloth if necessary. If the leather becomes brittle over time, it can be treated with high-quality vegetable oil if necessary to make it supple again.

That's how you take care of everything else

If necessary, gymnastics mat material, wood and metal can be cleaned with a damp cloth and then wiped off with a dry cloth.

Lederspringseil in Nahaufnahme | ARTZT Vintage Series


Every single vintage product is completely handcrafted here in the beautiful Westerwald.




On average, you can burn around 150 calories by jumping rope for 10 minutes. That's 500 calories in just 30 minutes! Watch the video for the five best tips to get you started.


Your vintage product doesn't look like the product picture? That's how it should be. Since every tool in the ARTZT Vintage Series is refined by hand, there are always small differences. Each product becomes unique and as unique as you.


Here you can find out how to properly clean and care for your favorite vintage tool.



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Which rope length is right for me?

A rope that is too long or too short can have a negative effect on its flight characteristics and thus on the correctness and efficiency of the exercises. You can easily determine the correct rope length yourself:

  • Stand with one foot in the middle of the skipping rope.
  • stand tall
  • Pull the jump rope up close to your body, keeping the handles at right angles. The rope should reach just below the nipples without any handles.

Make sure you take the measurement with the footwear you wear when exercising. Alternatively, you can calculate the required rope length. The following formula applies to people taller than 167.5 cm: height + 91.5 = rope length (without handles). People under 167.5 cm use the value 85.5 cm. This results in the following rope lengths for different body sizes:

  • 1.50 m height + 85.5 cm = 265.5 cm rope length
  • 1.60 m height + 85.5 cm = 255.5 cm rope length
  • 1.70 m height + 91.5 cm = 261.5 cm rope length
  • 1.80 m height + 91.5 cm = 271.5 cm rope length
  • 1.90 m height + 91.5 cm = 281.5 cm rope length

This is how you set the rope length

To adjust the rope length, you have to loosen the two screws on the metal sleeve with the Allen key provided. Then pull the rope to the desired length and fix it in the metal sleeve. Tighten the screws again.

You can either cut off the excess rope or fix it with the leather cuff. If you want to cut the rope, make sure beforehand that the set length corresponds to your body measurements. Do a few test jumps beforehand.

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