Frequently asked questions ARTZT Vintage Series


What is vintage?

Vintage is a style in fashion and design in which old, usually used, items of clothing, furniture, musical instruments, jewellery, accessories, pictures, vehicles or other everyday objects are reused or imitated.

In the case of the Vintage Series, we are dealing exclusively with new goods whose appearance has been given an aged look by hand.

Vintage vs. Retro - What's the difference?

Basically, anything that is either actually old and used or, as in the case of the ARTZT Vintage Series, authentically imitates a used look, is called "vintage".

Retro" refers to a style that deliberately imitates trends from the past and thus revives them.

Vintage Tools

Is the leather used safe?

The finishing process of the leather used takes place in Germany by hand and without the use of chemical substances.

As with most types of leather, chromium oxide salts are used in the tanning process of the ARTZT Vintage Series. This ensures the necessary suppleness and resistance of the leather. Only improper handling during this process can result in the formation of chromium VI, a chromium oxide that is harmful to health. This is the case in approx. 10 % of the worldwide leather production. The leather of the ARTZT Vintage Series is absolutely harmless to health.

Where are the products manufactured?

The ARTZT Vintage Series is manufactured in Pakistan and Germany. The foreign production sites have been inspected with regard to the working methods and materials used. The specially developed finishing process takes place exclusively in Germany. Cube, jumping boxes, trestle and horse are completely made in Germany from regional raw materials and hand-finished in the Westerwald.

Is the Vintage Series new?

Yes. Currently, the ARTZT Vintage Series consists exclusively of new goods that are given their individual vintage look in a unique finishing process.

My vintage product has stains, flaws or rust spots. Is that normal?

Yes. Stains, blemishes and other impurities in the material are part of the finishing process to create a distinctive and unique vintage look.

For products like the medicine ball stand, the metal used undergoes a process that causes it to oxidize. This is how the characteristic rust spots appear.

Finally, the surface is sealed with a clear varnish to maintain the unique look and keep your hands clean.

Why does my Vintage product smell burnt?

This can happen because the ARTZT Vintage Series logo is burnt onto each Vintage product by hand. If stored for one to two days in the fresh air, the smell should disappear.

Are ARTZT Vintage products suitable for sports?

Yes. All products of the ARTZT Vintage Series are robustly manufactured and are perfectly suitable for various exercises.

Complete Vintage Workouts can be found here.

Care and storage

How can I clean my vintage product?

The leather can be wiped with a damp cloth if necessary. If the leather becomes brittle over time, it can be treated with high-quality vegetable oil if necessary to make it supple again.

Wood and gymnastics mat fabric can be cleaned as needed with a damp cloth and mild soap if necessary.

How should I store my vintage product?

There are no special requirements to be observed when storing the ARTZT Vintage Series. Heat, dust or moisture can contribute to the individual vintage look beyond the finishing process.

Please note that the cowhide can become brittle due to excessive UV radiation, i.e. sunlight. In such cases, the leather can be treated with high-quality vegetable oil to make it supple again.