Mann trainiert im Liegestütz mit dem ARTZT Vintage Series Medizinball.

Medicine Ball Full Body Workout

Tried and tested materials can make modern everyday training easier and more attractive. So does the good old medicine ball. Personal trainer and TV coach Arne Derricks shows how it's done.

Exercise 1: Squats

From a stable, slightly straddled stand, you start with deep squats. The medicine ball is held in front of the body with bent arms. Then - as an increase - the ball is thrown upwards with long arms and caught again while straightening the body. The lighter version of the ARTZT Vintage Series medicine ball of 1.5 kg is sufficient for beginners, experienced athletes can also use the heavier versions of the leather medicine ball. It should be 20 to 25 repetitions. If you don't want to throw, simply guide the Vintage Series medicine ball up from the squats with stretched arms.

By the way: Also a great thing to get the cardiovascular system going!

Exercise 2: push-ups

Now let's continue with the push-ups. You choose a ball that offers you the optimal position and stability and supports one hand on it while the other is supported on the ground. In this position you go into the push-up position. During the push up, roll the ball to the other side and switch arm positions each time you're up. A real challenge in terms of strength and coordination.

Important: Stomach is firm and eyes are directed towards the floor. 15 to 20 repetitions are quite demanding. The following applies to beginners in training with the ARTZT Vintage Series medicine ball: You could also keep your knees on the ground, then it will be a little easier!

Exercise 3: Lung & Rotate

A great exercise to do some leg work with the med ball - classic lunges beefed up: Hold the Vintage Series med ball overhead and step into a clean lunge. In the end position, the medicine ball is held in front of the body with stretched arms. And now for the twists; if the left foot is in front to the left, if the right foot is in front to the right. Then stand up again and hold the medicine ball overhead. Important: When lunging, roll over your heel, always keep both knees bent at 90 degrees and lift the heel of the back foot off the ground to protect the Achilles tendon. Do 10 repetitions of this on the right and left.

Exercise 4: Balance dead lift

After legs and chest, it's now time for an effective back exercise with the ARTZT Vintage Series medicine ball. In the one-legged stand - medicine ball is held in front of the chest - you stretch one leg backwards and bend your upper body straight forward and then slowly go back to the starting position. Your abdominal muscles engage to counterbalance the weight of the medicine ball. Stage 2, now it gets challenging: You hold the Vintage Series medicine ball overhead and stand on one leg with your leg stretched backwards! Standing leg is slightly bent and you look down. 10 to 15 repetitions not only strengthen your back, but train your balance. You decide how intense the exercise is, because with the different weight classes of the ARTZT Vintage Series medicine ball you can vary it very well.

Exercise 5: Vintage Burpee

Now it's getting dynamic. From the basic position, you guide the medicine ball overhead and bounce it powerfully on the floor, catch it again, go into support and jump your feet back into the stretched position - hands on the Vintage Series medicine ball lying on the floor - and again return. Then go back to the basic position. A great exercise for the cardiovascular system, and not just because of the integrated, powerful throw! Start with 10 repetitions and slowly increase.

Exercise 6: Plank & Kick

A bit of acrobatics is the order of the day for the next exercise. You do this by doing shoulder-width plank, one hand back on the medicine ball, the other on the floor.

Place the foot of this hand on the outside of your hand and swing the other foot between your hands until your leg is stretched straight out in front. Of course, the hand lifts off the ground, the hand on the Vintage Series medicine ball has a lot to do to stabilize. Return to the starting position, roll over the medicine ball to the other side and switch sides. Arne recommends 10 times on each side for this exercise.

Exercise 7: Around the World

Now the ARTZT Vintage Series gymnastics mat comes into play, tried and tested and in a great vintage look to match the medicine balls. Now it's about the stomach. From the supine position - legs bent, heels raised - you now guide an ARTZT Vintage Series medicine ball with the weight of your choice from a position overhead in a semicircle, alternating right and left with a crunch to the knees, torso in an easy holding position. To make the whole thing even sportier, you can lift one leg diagonally. This exercise works the upper abs really well.

In order to shift the training impulse further down, the ball is then placed on the feet in the starting position (form a small hollow). Your back and pelvis lie flat on the mat, then you lift your feet so that the angle between your lower legs and thighs is almost 90 degrees. Now you go into the leg extension. The medicine ball is still against/lightly between your feet/shins. Again, do between 15 and 20 reps.

If you train this sequence of 7 exercises with the medicine ball regularly, you can also structure the program as follows: always practice for one minute, rest for 30 seconds and then do the next exercise for one minute. Have fun!

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