Mann trainiert in Plank-Stellung auf dem ARTZT Vintage Series Cube.

Cube Stability Workout

The ARTZT Vintage Series Cube not only impresses as a stylish piece of seating furniture, but is also an effective training tool for a comprehensive workout in terms of strength, balance and stability, which is in no way inferior to other balance trainers. Personal trainer and TV coach Arne Derricks shows you 9 effective exercises.

Exercise 1: Squats

In this exercise, the ARTZT Vintage Series Cube is used as its own weight. Due to its padded surface, the Cube appears dynamic and when you pick it up - your hands are flat on the right and left surface - you are already exerting pressure, which benefits your chest, shoulders and arm muscles. Hold the cube in front of your chest with bent arms and now go into deep squats. When going down you push the cube forward - your arms are stretched - and when you stand up you pull the cube back towards your chest. You press your arms together tightly. Important: The knees stay above the ankle! Arne recommends 20 repetitions at any speed - variations, for example holding your arms overhead, are of course possible.

Exercise 2: The plane

Now a great exercise for the torso, the stomach and the deep muscles: you kneel with one leg on the cube. Depending on your body weight, the surface gives way more or less and you have to find your balance here. The other leg stretched straight back on the floor, with your hands you grasp the leather corners of the ARTZT Vintage Series Cube. Now you lift the stretched leg from the hip upwards. Do you notice the slight tension in your stomach? Now it's getting even more challenging: Keep your arms stretched out to the right and left of your body, now you're on the plane and balancing on the cube. Now the small, deep muscles in the body are working! If things get too shaky, take your hands back to the corners of the ARTZT Vintage Series Cube and restart into position. If you need more security at the beginning, you can keep one hand on the cube until you have found the balance for the exercise. Of course we train both sides in this exercise and keep the head and cervical spine in a straight line with the back!

Exercise 3: The climber

Now we come to a classic, the mountaineer. You support yourself with your arms on the flexible surface of the ARTZT Vintage Series Cube and go into a stable plank position. Upper body is long, muscles are stabilized.

Now you alternately bend your legs dynamically, your knees are welcome to touch the cube. 25 repetitions set new, different stimuli in the body than with a mountaineer on the ground thanks to the soft surface of the cube.

Exercise 4: Knee Up & Libra

In the next exercise we use the ARTZT Vintage Series Cube as a standing element. When you stand with one leg on the Cube, always try to place your foot in the middle of the surface. Not that easy as the surface gives way and the foot has to balance itself throughout the exercise. With your feet in a straight line, place your right foot on the cube. Then try to lift your left foot and pull your knee forward-up, your arms supporting your balance. It's all about control and fine tuning! Further increase: From the front-up movement, stretch the leg backwards and lower the upper body horizontally with outstretched arms forward, then back forward-up and stand on the floor. In this exercise, the ankle and knee have to work to balance properly. And of course we also train this exercise on both sides! An effective, varied exercise that sets new training stimuli!

Exercise 5: Side plank

To do this, you support yourself with your arm bent at the side on the ARTZT Vintage Series Cube. Your other arm stabilizes your hips, shoulders are straight and away from your ears! The outstretched legs are in a slight step position. Now lower your hips deep down and push yourself back up using the strength of your core muscles: inhaling down, exhaling up. The lateral abdominal muscles in particular are required here. Due to the height of the ARTZT Vintage Series Cube you have much more space for this strengthening exercise than on the floor! 15 slow reps on each side!

Exercise 6: leg raises

Now it's time for the buttocks and the back muscles. To do this, lie down with your upper body on the ARTZT Vintage Series Cube, your pelvis is on the rear edge, your bent arms on the front of the cube. First, balance yourself so that you don't fall backwards when you stretch your legs up.

Now lift both legs up so that they form a straight line with your back and then bring your toes back to the floor with a small "tap". The cube rocks a little, so you have to ensure stability at the same time. If you want to increase the whole thing a bit, leave your feet up, shear your legs - open, close - and only then lower them again. Make sure your shoulders are pulled back and your abs are tight so you don't slouch.

Exercise 7: Swimmers

We stay in the position and now turn to an exercise that many people know from Pilates and/or back training. On the ARTZT Vintage Series Cube, however, the exercise takes on a completely different dimension! You are looking for a balanced position on the cube lying on your stomach with your arms and legs stretched out - depending on your body size, you have to slide your upper body forwards or backwards a little. Extend your arms forward and now alternately raise and lower your right arm/left leg and left arm/right leg. Important: cervical spine and head form a line with the back! Small quick movements can be added - but always make sure to lie balanced on the cube. With this exercise in particular, it becomes clear how effectively the comfortable cube supports the body during training.

Exercise 8: Knee Pull

Now for the stomach. You sit on the ARTZT Vintage Series Cube and lean your upper body slightly backwards, your hands resting on the rear corners. Now lift your legs, pull them towards your upper body and stretch them again. The upper body comes slightly towards the legs.

Exercise 9: Knee Pull 2.0

There is an increase in this exercise, because in addition to the ARTZT Vintage Series Cube, there are other tools from the Vintage Series that reinforce the exercise. We use the ARTZT Vintage Series medicine ball, which is available in different sizes/weight classes. To do this, place a medicine ball on your legs at the height of your ankles and do the knee pulls again. In this exercise, stability, strength and balance are perfectly combined. Again, it should be 15 repetitions!

With very simple means we can even complete an extensive training in the living room, the ARTZT Vintage Series offers numerous training tools that inspire optically and functionally!

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