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Vaulting Horse

Vaulting Horse

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Do you remember your gym class? Apparatus gymnastics was definitely part of your standard repertoire. And of course the jump over the buck could not be missing. Today, the notorious gymnastics device is celebrating its comeback as a seat and is the absolute eye-catcher in the living room, training room or waiting area.

The springboard stands firmly on the ground with four wooden legs. The upper material made of genuine cowhide ensures the robust vintage look. The wood and leather come from local companies and, like all our vintage products, are finished by hand.

  • Your stylish seating furniture with a unique look
  • Genuine cowhide leather in a vintage look makes the gymnastics buck an absolute eye-catcher
  • Made in Germany and finished by hand in the Westerwald
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Dimensions: 85x35x45cm
Weight: about 18 kg
Upper material: hand-finished cowhide
Made in Germany


How to care for the cowhide

The leather can be wiped clean with a damp cloth if necessary. If the leather becomes brittle over time, it can be treated with high-quality vegetable oil if necessary to make it supple again.

That's how you take care of everything else

If necessary, gymnastics mat material, wood and metal can be cleaned with a damp cloth and then wiped off with a dry cloth.

Nahaufnahme eines ARTZT Vintage Series Medizinballs.


Every single vintage product is completely handcrafted here in the beautiful Westerwald.


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Your vintage product doesn't look like the product picture? That's how it should be. Since every tool in the ARTZT Vintage Series is refined by hand, there are always small differences. Each product becomes unique and as unique as you.


Here you can find out how to properly clean and care for your favorite vintage tool.

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