Collection: Punching Bag, Gloves and Pads

Welcome to our vintage shop for genuine leather fitness equipment! Here you will find a selection of high quality and durable products that are perfect for your boxing training.

Our genuine leather boxing gloves are made from the finest leather and offer optimal padding to protect your hands and wrists during training. They are available in different sizes and colours so you can find the perfect pair for you.

For an intense workout at home, we recommend our real leather punching bag. It's strong and durable and provides the perfect surface to improve your punching technique. The retro and vintage look adds a stylish touch to your training room.

Our genuine leather pads are perfect for training combinations and punching techniques. They are also made of the finest leather and offer optimal padding. Their vintage look gives your training a cool retro look.

Our vintage boxing gloves and vintage fitness equipment are also made of high-quality leather and give your training an authentic look. We offer a wide range of vintage boxing gloves and fitness equipment to suit your style and training.

Check out our selection of genuine leather fitness equipment and find the perfect product for your workout!