Mann macht einen Russian Twist nach links mit dem ARTZT Vintage Series Medizinball.

Medicine Ball Workout in 5 Minutes

"Make new from old" - under this motto, personal trainer Arne Derrick shows nine top exercises with the medicine ball. Proven, non-slip cowhide is combined with modern, effective exercises!

Exercise 1

Let's start with the classic "Squat" and the three-kilo ball. This is held in front of the body as an additional weight. Now it's time for the squats, whereby holding the medicine ball not only puts additional weight on your legs and back – always keep it straight – but also stabilizes your shoulders. In order to make the whole thing a little more dynamic, the medicine ball is now thrown up from the knees when standing up and caught again before the squat. The higher the ball is thrown, the more effective the exercise.

exercise 2

The second classic in the range, the "lung", but combined with a shoulder and rotation level. Starting position is standing upright. To do this, hold the Vintage Series medicine ball overhead and do a clean lunge. In the end position, you stretch your arms and medicine ball forward in front of your body and turn: if the left foot is in front to the left, if the right foot is in front to the right.

exercise 3

The "Good Mornings": For this you stand up in a very slightly crouched position, you hold the medicine ball over your head, either with stretched or bent arms. Now you go forward with a straight back and stand up again with a straight back. The more stretched your arms hold the medicine ball, the more strenuous but also more effective this exercise is for the core. Important: Your back always stays straight.

exercise 4

This exercise continues with the throw downs: From the stretched good morning position, you throw the medicine ball with force onto the floor, catch it again with a slight knee bend and go back into the stretch. A little louder, but super effective and challenging.

exercise 5

The next exercise is about stabilizing the lateral muscles. To do this, you go into a crouched position, kneeling with one leg on the floor and stretching the other leg straight out to the side. Now lift the medicine ball over your head again and bend over your kneeling leg to the side. The further you lean to the side, the more strength your opposing abdominal muscles have to exert to compensate for this movement and stabilize you. Caution: As always, do this exercise on both sides.

exercise 6

For the next exercise you need a wall or a pillar against which you can throw the medicine ball powerfully. You do this with a rotational movement. To do this, stand at a right angle with a little distance to the wall/column, legs shoulder-width apart and slightly bent. With a rotating movement, you throw the ball against the column and catch it again. This exercise thrives on its speed and dynamics, because if you do it too slowly, the ball will fall to the ground.

exercise 7

You can develop a similarly dynamic throwing exercise from the squat: squat with a touch down on the floor, straighten up and push against the wall. Dynamics, thrust and leg movements are effectively combined here and the cardiovascular system is not neglected.

exercise 8

Next up is the belly. To do this, you combine the large and small medicine ball with the classic of all abdominal exercises, the jackknife. So get down on your back! Now you clamp the small ball between your knees (easy) or ankles (more demanding), you hold the big ball over your head with stretched arms and let's start with the jackknife exercises. Still a great exercise for the abs.

exercise 9

Another classic when it comes to stomach is the "Russian Twist". Here you sit with slightly bent legs and a straight, slightly backwards leaning back, the outstretched arms hold the medicine ball in front of the body and lead it in a rotating movement alternately to the right and left to the floor. A great exercise that equally targets abs and core rotation!

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