Mann trainiert im Stütz auf dem ARTZT Vintage Series Sprungkasten.

Full Body Workout with Vintage Tools

Welcome to the Vintage Gym! Personal trainer Arne Derricks shows you an effective workout for the whole body in just 5 minutes. With the fitness tools from the ARTZT Vintage Series, you can easily train your stomach, legs and bottom. Included are medicine ball, skipping rope, fitness mat and cube. An effective workout for the whole body.

Exercise 1: Walking Squats

Let's start with the legs: Shoulder-width position in front of the vaulting box. Deep squats and from here alternately climb up and down onto the vaulting box. That goes in the thighs! The walking squats are a great way to start full-body circuit training.

Exercise 2: Jump squats

If you want it a little more intense, switch to the squat jumps. Just jump onto the box with both feet and back down again. Those who can no longer switch back to the walking squats. Important: Always maintain a deep position so that the thighs are constantly working and being challenged.

Exercise 3: Jack Knife

Lying position with your back on the exercise mat. Clamp the small medicine ball between your feet, grab the big one with your hands and hold it behind your head. Now fold your arms and legs together like a jackknife. If it gets too much for you, you can put down the small medicine ball and only work with your upper body. Nice exercise to train the abdominal muscles.

Exercise 4: Jumping rope as a cardio unit

Of course, the classic fat burner should not be missing here either. Rope skipping burns calories quickly, keeps you fit and challenges you after just a few minutes. In the vintage training circuit, the skipping rope enables the perfect cardio unit in between. Here you can switch between simple jumps and walking jumps.

Exercise 5: Boxing as a cardio unit

Not just for Klitschko and Co.: if endurance training with the skipping rope is not enough, you can really hit it here. Put on boxing gloves and let's go! Such a boxing workout requires a high level of concentration and strengthens your muscles throughout your body. And best of all: It's also a lot of fun!

Exercise 6: push-ups

Another classic, which is expanded by a further training level with the Cube. Because of its instability, in addition to the chest and arm muscles, coordination is also trained during the push-ups. And this is how it works: Put your hands shoulder-width apart on the bar and then alternately lower and raise your breastbone in the direction of the Cube.

Exercise 7: Climbers

Continue on the cube, this time in the classic plank position: lean your elbows on the cube and stretch out your legs. Now alternately pull your knees towards the cube. A crowning finish for the trunk muscles!

These 7 exercises can now be used to create an effective circuit that challenges the entire body. For example, 3 rounds of 1 minute each and you've got a sweaty full-body workout!

Cool-down: regeneration with the massage roller

Of course, after every good workout, a final regeneration should not be missing. This is where the massage roller comes into play, on every muscle area that was required in the circuit. So down again on the mat and in a long seat, the Blackroll clamped under the calf. Now roll out the entire calf muscles in large movements. The same can of course be done with the thighs and back.

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